Panther Martin HolyStrike™

Panther Martin HolyStrike™

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This kit contains 6 genuine gold and silver plated lures all in a hammered finish that shimmers, glimmers and flashes as the light hits it underwater. It also comes in its own reusable clamshell that keeps the lures separate and ready for use. This is a great way to get proven colors in a proven finish. Sure to be deadly on Trout, Bass, Walleye, Perch, Pike and Crappie.

Panther Martin Hammered 6 Pack

Panther Martin HolyStrike Spinner 1/16oz. Blue

Three of Panther Martin's most popular & most effective lures in the smaller sizes that are most effective in the East. Deadly on trout, these fantastically effective lure send out sonic vibrations that literally Call to the fish.

Panther Martin Opening Day 3-Pack Spinner Kit

Jaktdepotet. Panther Martin - Hammered - Spinner UV Salmon Black 7gr

好評継続中!今だけ限定価格! Panther Martin - Trout HolyStrike Kits Martin 3パックキット Martin How HolyStrike Panther a 3パックキット on マルチ Panther 釣り

1/4 oz. (Size 6) Panther Martin Spinners - 131 colors available

Panther Martin Single Hook Classic & Holographic Spinners - #6 - 1/4 Oz. - Tiger Green

1/32 oz. (Size 1) Panther Martin Spinners - 45 colors available

名入れ無料 Panther Panther Martin HolyStrike DSG6 the 3パックキット - Pack - HolyStrike 6 3パックキット マルチ Lure 釣り

Panther Martin Best of The Best - 3 Pack

Panther Martin HolyStrike™

These are the 6 best and most popular Panther Martins Inline Spinners. They are sure to catch you more trout, bass, pike, perch, crappie, salmon, steelhead and walleye than ever before.

Panther Martin Best of the Best Trout Spinners - 6 Pack

Panther Martin 0.3oz Fishing,Spinning,Indicator K � Der ,Trout,Pike